Posture disorders

Corrective exercise with 3R System

Posture is defined as the upright well balanced position of an individual person. A postural fault is a posture that deviates from normal alignment without structural limitations.

Postural faults are established in adolescence causing pain syndromes in adulthood.

Our program consist in corrective exercise and fitness instruction.

Visit our center and avoid pain and lack of physical condition in the future.

Corrective exercise 3R System®

Our method solves postural dysfunctions in 3 steps

(1) Rebalance applying corrected forces and global active stretch

(2) Reeducation by proprioceptive and corrective manual technics

(3) Retraining applying the right patterns of movement adapted to your morphology and physical condition.

Re- balance



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* Prices start in 300 Ron per session. Packages are available

Corrective exercise (Packages)

Sessions for adults (from 24 years old)

1 private session       300 RON          

5 private sessions    1450 RON   –   Save 125 RON         

10 private sessions   2600 RON  –   Save 500 RON                                

Sessions for children and adolescents 

( from 8 years old )

1 private session        300 RON

5 private sessions     1450 RON   –   Save 125 RON

10 private sessions    2600 RON   –   Save 500 RON