Pilates Mat work on the incline Bench

Pilates on the incline bench provides the best learning of all the principles of movement in the Pilates method.

Learn the purest and most traditional Pilates method with instructors certified by the internationally renowned Life Pilates School founded by Dr Castellano in 2000.

Our fitness routines on the incline bench provide a solid base in movement and let our instructors to correct you from a confort position. 

Our method has a unique approach in the corrective exercise avoiding unnecessary compensations and focussing in the right muscular activation. 

Our method solves musculoskeletal dysfunctions and postural deviations.  

We work individually and with semiprivate lessons with a maximum of 2 persons.

We combine exercises on the reformer, chair and the Pilates bench. We also include aerobic and strength exercises with our complete fitness equipment.

Pilates for Athletes

We recommend highly our Pilates lessons for athletes, specifically the day after competition.

Our large experience working in high sport performance in the training and recovery gave us the keys for the design of protocols for recovery using low impact exercises that rebalance your body instantly.

“In just 30m our specialised trainers will address your muscular fatigue and you will recovery the energy being ready for your next training”

"Pilates is a must after Surgery"

After a knee surgery you can start recovering the Balance of your lumbar spine, pelvis and hip muscles 

We have treated a large variety of athletes after surgery and we have seen how they feel after just a class on the reformer. 

Our team count with over 20 years experience treating sport injuries using as a fundamental starter the Pilates equipment and our unique methodology.

Dr Juan Castellano have been teaching his protocols post surgery around the world and showing the results of the starter in the rehabilitation using Pilates Apparatuses and his methodology (3R system-L.A.F method)  

"Learn Pilates with our instructors"

Join our classes learning the Pilates method with one of our pilates instructors

Our method will give you the experience that you need to perform fitness training with the right patterns of movement.

*Prices start in 250 Ron per session. Packages are available

 Pilates classes (Packages)

Pilates one to one

 1 private session          250 RON          

 5 private sessions       1150 RON      –   Save 100 RON         

10 private sessions      2000 RON     –   Save 500 RON  

Pilates Semiprivate  (2 persons)

 1 private session           150 RON         

 5 private sessions         650 RON      –   Save 250 RON 

 10 private sessions       1000 RON    –   Save 500 RON 


*(Price per person)