High performance Sport Services

High Sport Performance for Teams and for individuals

Fitness START UP – Health and screening pre-competition.


  • Global health screening
  • Blood Test for high performance
  • Cardiologic test ( Echocardiogram, electro and effort test)
  • Progressive fitness test with Lactic screening
  • Fitness test ( strength, speed, flexibility , coordination , balance)
  • Posture screening
  • Biomechanical diagnostic and prognosis regarding to injuries prevention
  • Anthropometric test
  • Nutrition Plan

SET UP Training Plan and Recovery (10 months)


  • a) Study and re design of the actual training plan
  • b) Design of a new training plan
  • Design and execution of a daily training plan and recovery
  • 1 meeting per week with the coaches/ managers for follow up during 12 weeks
  • Sport Rehabilitation and physical training (10 months)

PREMIUM Training plan ( 12 months )


  • START UP + SET UP Training plan + Individualized performance
  • Physical screening every 3 months
  • Diagnostic and prognostic of injuries
  • Pre and post surgery advise and treatment
  • Echography, cardiology and Laboratory INCLUDDED
  • Rehabilitation, post rehabilitation and individual re-adaptation to competition
  • Individualized Follow up for prevention of injuries and high performance
  • Nutrition advise and sport supplements
  • ASSISTANCE out of the country with the team in the most decisive periods of competition